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If you choose to design your own files for print, it is important to understand the basic guidelines to avoid any production issues. Before submitting your artwork we kindly ask that you review your files to ensure that they meet our guidelines for high quality color printing. Your project will go a lot smoother and you will be much happier with the final results.



Any print ready files should be submitted as a high resolution PDF. This is the standard format used to prepare files for print production. If you are unable to

send a PDF we will accept other file types.  Learn more


The document pages should be submitted at the actual size of desired output with

the exception of 1/8 inch bleeds. If these sizes do not match, the artwork will be distorted unless given further instructions to recreate internally.  Learn more

Avoid sending imposed files such as 4-up on a sheet or booklet spreads. 

To save time and confusion, send only single page documents and we'll take

care of the rest!!  Learn more



If your artwork is not intended to reach the edge of the page, it should have a

minimum of 1/4 inch white border on all four sides.  Learn more

*Any artwork that is intended to reach the edge of the final print, see below for bleeds.



All artwork that is intended to reach the edge of your final print must be submitted with

1/8 inch bleed on all four sides. Learn more


*If you wish to not have your artwork reach the edge it must be submitted with a 1/4 inch 

white border on all four sides.



For high quality print, artwork should be no lower than 300 dpi. However, we will print

anything lower as long as the customer approves of it. Keep in mind that raising the dpi

of a graphic from a lower resolution will not make it high quality.  Learn more



Full-Color Print - Convert all RGB and Pantone spot colors to CMYK color mode.
Specific Colors (4 or less) - Use Pantone spot colors. 

Black/White Images - Convert to grayscale color mode. (Not CMYK or RGB gray)
Black or Gray Objects & Text - Convert to a percentage of black only. (Not CMYK black/gray) 
Learn more

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