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OFFSET    |    DIGITAL    |    VINYL



Offset printing uses plates made from aluminum. These plates transfer images onto a rubber “blanket” and then roll the images onto a sheet of paper. It’s called offset because the ink is not transferred directly onto the paper.


Our offset press uses both 4-color process printing as well as reproducing spot colors. If a project requires full color, it will be  printed with CMYK utilizing four separate plates, one for each CMYK color. A project with two colors can get away with applying spot colors using only two plates. 


The offset printing is best used for large quantity projects due to setup time and plate requirement.





Digital printing uses the process of combining Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black toner to produce a printed image. Unlike offset presses, digital printers do not withhold spot color inks. If you’re looking to match a specific Pantone, we will make every effort to match that color as close as possible using CMYK values. 

This option is best used on small to medium quantity projects due to the lower setup cost, however it is higher cost per unit.



Vinyl overlay is not exactly a print method but the process of adhering a vinyl sheet to a rigid material.

Vinyl is commonly used for banners, signs, window/vehicle decals.

Similar to spot colors. shapes are cut out​ of a solid color of vinyl

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